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Parachute is a non-profit NGO that gives microgrants to children affected by trauma so that they can continue to do the 'fun stuff' that most kids get to experience. We exist so we can help children pursue a normal and fulfilled life after impacted by trauma.

Funding recipients comes from our extremely generous donors. We are so unbelievably grateful for cent and everything donated has a huge impact. We also have incredible sponsors and partners who provide us with access to their facilities or resources.


Let us be your PARACHUTE. The sky's the limit.


We are Charley (left) and Alex Cowen, twin sisters, Founders and Co-CEOs of Parachute For Kids.


We began creating Parachute after our dad passed away very suddenly in a paragliding accident. Before that we didn’t understand the importance of a child having financial security. Not knowing if we could still afford after school activities and birthday parties made us feel different, spending money on non-essential activities made us feel guilty, and having other kids around us who didn’t have the same financial fear made us feel lonely.

Any child who has gone through any type of trauma that has impacted them financially is able to apply for our microgrants.

We believe in equal opportunity for everyone no matter the circumstance, and we also believe in preventing mental health issues for any child.

Let us be your parachute and break your fall.


PARACHUTE gives microgrants to children under the age of 18 who are impacted by trauma, as caused by events such as death, divorce, significant injury or other circumstances beyond their control.  


Parachute aims to provide financial support to those who have experienced economic disadvantage as a result of these events.

All the funds Parachute receives from our donors is used exclusively on what each child needs to continue with their passion. This money can go towards anything from paying for the class or membership, uniforms, catering, venue or anything else required depending on the specific situation for each child.


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Lahra is an experienced Non-Executive Director, serving on the Board of Foodbank Victoria and as President of The King David School. 

Lahra is a media and communications specialist who works with both c-suite executives and Boards to manage both crises and reputation.


Dean is the CEO of Flying Fox, an organisation which provides social opportunities to people with a disability. 

Dean also has a Bachelor of Commerce and Master of Leadership and is passionate about empowering young people to do awesome things.

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Liora is a project manager at an independent school.

She is a trained lawyer, the editor and co-founder of Jewish Women of Words, and co-founder of the ELUL Fellowship, a volunteering program for school leavers. 


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